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Aaron BowmanAaron Bowman
17:54 04 Feb 23
Quickship LLC is the best freight transportation provider. They offer the the lowest freight rates on the market. I recently decided to ship a load of goods from a small town in South Carolina to a town in Colorado. I contacted several freight brokers, but none of them could beat the price of Quickship LLC. They have the lowest bid. The driver was on time, and the delivery was made on time. I would highly recommend this freight broker.
Marks GramhalMarks Gramhal
12:57 03 Dec 22
I was looking for a shipping company that could deliver my cars, safely and on time. Quickship LLC was recommended to me by a friend, so I decided to give them a try. They delivered the two cars I ordered on time and in the same condition they were in when they left the factory. They were also quick to resolve any issues I had with the shipping driver, which was a pleasant surprise. The price and service they provided me were both excellent, and I will be using them anytime I need to ship a vehicle
Mubashar AmjadMubashar Amjad
17:58 26 Nov 22
Kevin was fantastic. Was with me through the whole shipping process. I bought a Porsche 944 on the internet and was not able to touch and feel it due to we live in Florida and the vehicle was in Virginia. Kevin sent photos of it being loaded and it was great with the care the whole team perform. Thanks again Quickship
Megan BrawnerMegan Brawner
15:55 29 Aug 22
My boyfriend and I were planning to move out of state and we scheduled his car to be transported with Quick Trip LLC. Everything in the beginning was fine, we paid the 100 scheduling fee and we were set. They then proceeded to call us everyday for 3 days before the pickup date to ensure we are still good to go with our date and price which we continually said yes to. On the day of pick up we got a call that our driver would be in touch in about 30 min to discuss specific time and location for pick up and a hour later the dispatcher from Quick Trip called saying that our driver has canceled and that to get a new driver would cost us more than double our original cost and wouldn’t arrive until the next day in which we will already be out of state. When we called to speak to a manager to discuss our contracted price and date of pickup they basically said all they could do is speak to the driver to attempt to negotiate a lower cost but it would still be a day later and they would not cover the cost difference between the contracted price we signed for the the new drivers price. We will be receiving a refund of the $100 and we booked with another company for same day for only 100 more then our original contracted cost with Quick Trip. Would not recommend.
15:32 18 Aug 22
This company services are excellent and I have received awesome support from Neil.Neil is very friendly and he has been coordinated with Driver until deliver the Car.Their transportation price is very reasonable compared to other providers.I would recommend the Quickship LLC for your future transportation .Thank very much Neil for your support ):
Usama SaeedUsama Saeed
19:40 01 Aug 22
Experts enough that they shipped on promise time and dates,I bought my brand new FERRARI Limited Edition and was worried all the time that should I trust the company, and if yes then which company, then I received call from quickship from Massachusetts they gave me their words and told me that they will take this for $2175.00 with everything including in it, They pickup my Ferrari same day and delivered in 3 days, Driver was very expert and kind,All the things went smoothly, I will suggest everyone to use quickship they will be with good prices but when you own the car for Millions of dollar please done care for few hundred dollars.All the stars for this company
Relaxing Legion FellasRelaxing Legion Fellas
21:35 22 Jul 22
Hi Google,This is Legion Fellas, And I had a very good experience getting my Red Ferrari F8 delivered to me from USA to Canada, I very good price, most of the companies where giving me prices like $3100, $3500, $4000 as well but the person from Quickship Said that I am having the driver for $2650, and he assigned me the driver same day, they pickup and delivered to me in 12days with live tracking system, And it was interesting and excited to me. Thank You So much Davin Adams, and Team I appreciated !Regards,Legion Fellas

How Quickship Works:

Step 1
Order your shipping
Step 2
Approve your vehicle dispatch
Step 3
Collect your automobile at the other end

Why QuickShip is your best auto-shipping option?


Safe and Insured Delivery

Quickship’s primary focus lies in providing a luxury auto shipping service. Our expert drivers are backed by insurance upto $250k, with carriers providing additional coverage upto $1 million for complete peace of mind in case of damage.


Biggest pool of truck drivers

With the largest pool of US truck drivers, we get the best offers and pinpoint the nearest driver to your route. 

Therefore, we negotiate the best deals, and that’s why we are known as one of the fastest car shipping company in the country.


Best vehicle delivery tracking service

Once your car is loaded, our representatives track its journey. As one of the best exotic car transport companies, they’re available for any queries, ensuring efficient handling throughout the car pickup and delivery service. 


Variety of Shipping options

We are the most luxury car hauling service worldwide, shipping everything from quad bikes to heavy machinary.

As one of the car shipping companies offering pack-your-car services, we ensure timely, safe delivery at the best rates possible for any vehicle or machine category.


Shipping Nationwide and Internationally

Apart from US, we also ship to other countries and continents like:

  • Europe,
  • Africa, and
  • Asia.

We work with terminal to terminal car shipping companies to ensure reliable service.


Effortless Shipping

We prioritize flawless service for our customers, establishing Quickship as an exotic car transport company in the industry.

We make the experience effortless for our clients, offering smooth car shipping door-to-door service.

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Our Services:

Local or interstate auto shipping serve to customers seeking transport within or between states, crossing local and interstate routes.

Get in touch with our representatives to discuss your luxury auto transport needs, and they’ll advise on the applicable service.

Luxury car shipping companies offer long-distance transport across states, from coast to coast or nearby.

Let our representatives know where you want your car to be shipped and they will make all the arrangements for you with our auto relocation services!

While normally auto shipping can take time, but incase you are in a hurry, Quickship has you covered. Our expedited auto shipping service will make sure that your auto shipping needs are met. Just let our representatives know and we will make sure that your car is shipped on your desired time and destination.

Our overseas auto shipping offers luxury vehicle transport to American states and territories like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa, and parts of Alaska.

Let our representatives know where you want your vehicle to be shipped and they will see when, and how, the desired shipping can be achieved.

Boat shipping is also very common for adventurers, sea lovers and professionals in the United States. Good for you as Quickship has got you covered with your boat shipping needs as well. Get in touch with our representatives and they’ll let you know when and how they can arrange a dispatch for you with our American auto transport high-end car transport companies.

How much do car transport companies charge?

Auto shipping companies offer a wide variety of services and competitive prices for sending cars across country, including the best cross country car shipping options available. Movers seeking to have their vehicles removed from one state to another can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, based on the type of vehicle, distance between the two points, prevalent fuel prices and other factors, with options available from premium car transport companies, including door to door vehicle shipping.

For car buyers in the auto industry looking to move vehicles between dealerships, expedited car shipping through a professional auto transport company than it is to do it themselves. Ultimately, the rate charged by car relocation companies will depend on additional costs such as fuel, administrative fees or insurance expenses associated with its particular business model.

Our representatives are ever ready to provide you with the most affordable and accurate quote possible. Get a instant quote with our car shipping calculator, use our Live Chat, or call +1 (888) 361-5514
Size and weight of vehicle

Longer, taller or heavier-than-average vehicles require special accommodations by car carriers transport companies and, as a result, the price may vary.

The car condition

Shipping inoperable vehicles costs more because it requires extra tools and labor for high end vehicle transport companies to accommodate the cargo. But if your car rolls, steers, and brakes, we can ship it.

The transport type

Open transport is the standard and affordable option offered by US auto transport companies. For added protection, some may opt for enclosed transport from top luxury auto transportation providers, although at a different price.

The shipping distance

Longer runs have a higher overall price but lower cost per mile with our car relocation service. The further your vehicle travels, the more you save on an auto transporter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Latest News:

How soon can my vehicle be picked up?
We prefer you book your order 8-14 days before the pick-up date. However, we often have cases where a customer’s car breaks down in the middle of the highway, or similar situations. So don’t hesitate if you’re in a hurry - contact our representatives and they will do their best to assist you in your time of need.
What if I am not at the site of pick-up?
If you are not at the site of pick-up, you can leave a friend, family member, co-worker, or parking in charge to be there at the site of pick-up.

For this, you will have to take pictures of the car from all sides, and send them to us. The driver will then inspect your vehicle and see if everything matches. He will only continue with the dispatch if both of you agree.
What if I change my mind after booking?
If you decide to cancel your booking 48 hours before your pick-up date, all your reservation fees will be refunded.

If you decide to cancel your booking within 48 hours before your pick-up date, 50% of your reservation fee will be deducted and the rest will be refunded.

If your plan changed mid-way and you want your car to be delivered elsewhere, get on a call with our representative and they will see if they can cater to your changing needs. If they can make the requisite changes, they will give you an alternative quote for the new route. If acceptable
How much do I have to pay at the time of booking?
We have two payment models. The first one is where you can pay 25% of the total fare at the time of booking your order, and the remaining when your vehicle reaches your desired destination.

Remember, if you have a reservation by the end of the journey, you’ll still have to make the full payment. Your claims will be handled by us, just let us know and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

Another payment model is where you can pay for the entire service upfront either by your credit card or PayPal. For this method, we will send you the invoice and the document containing our terms and conditions via email.

Once the document is signed and the payment is made, wait for the pick-up date for the carrier to pick up your vehicle.
Can I book without payment?
Unfortunately, that won’t be possible. A reservation fee is a must for booking your shipment.
What payment methods do you approve of?
We accept credit cards, PayPal, wire, ACH transfers, and mailed checks. Our representative will confirm your payment method at the time of transfer.
How long does it take to ship a car?
We try our best to ship your car in the stated range of time. However, there can be certain factors that might delay a shipment such as bad weather, mechanical hurdles, and the drivers working hours.

Sometimes, drivers need to pick up and drop off several cars on the route, which can take longer than expected. However, there's an estimated time of shipment that you can get an idea of.
Do you make door-to-door deliveries?
We try our best to make door-to-door deliveries, however, since carriers are usually big enough to not be allowed in urban areas. In such cases, we will try to pick up and drop your vehicle off as close to your desired locations as possible.
Can I get an expedited delivery?
Sure, but it depends if a carrier is available and it will probably incur an extra charge depending on the carrier. However, do let us know and we will see what we can do for you.
Can I place personal luggage in my vehicle?
According to DOT regulations, you cannot carry personal luggage inside cargo vehicles. However, we don’t have a problem if you want to but you’ll have to keep it in the trunk, below 100 lbs and if a police official fines the carrier for it, you’ll be charged for it.

Also, personal luggage can not be claimed as damaged. Therefore, do not place anything that can break otherwise Quickship will not be responsible.
Do you ship large SUVs and mini-vans?
Sure, we ship all kinds of vehicles from hatchbacks to heavy-duty vehicles like cranes including large SUVs and minivans. Just let our representative know so they can find you the right carrier for your needs.
What if I want to ship to Canada or Mexico?
Shipping to Canada and Mexico is not only possible, but it's also quite common for us.
Can you ship a vehicle overseas?
Yes, we take orders for overseas shipments. You’ll just have to sign some extra papers and pay the customs fees of the destination country if any.
Can I ship several cars at a time?
Sure, you can ship several cars at a time.
How do I make a claim if the damage is incurred on my vehicle?
Make sure you inspect your shipment carefully at the receiving end before signing the BOL (bill of lading). Keep in mind if you sign the BOL without inspecting your shipment and later find damage incurred to your car by the carrier, the insurance companies on our end will not accept the claim. Therefore, Sign the BOL (bill of lading) only after a complete inspection, if you have already signed it and then find out that something is damaged the carrier will not take responsibility. Make sure not to pay the driver before contacting us in case of damage. However, you’ll have to make the remaining payment to the driver. Remember the claims and payment of service are two separate issues. But, remember to contact us before signing the BOL or arguing with the driver.

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