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Interstate auto shipping

Local, or interstate autoshipping is for customers who want their car to be shipped within a state or to a neighbouring state. This can include shipping across interstate highways and county highways. Whatever the case may be, get on a call with our representatives and inform them about your desired shipping needs and they will let you know the service that applies to it.


Nationwide auto shipping

Long distance auto shipping covers shipping vehicles aross several states. This could either be all the way from the East coast to the West or vice versa, or it could also be shipping your car a few states further. Let our representatives know where you want your car to be shipped and they will make all the arrangements for you.


Expediated auto shipping

While normally auto shipping can take time, but incase you are in a hurry, Quickship has you covered. Our expedited auto shipping service will make sure that your auto shipping needs are met. Just let our representatives know and we will make sure that your car is shipped on your desired time and destination.


Overseas auto shipping

Our overseas auto shipping includes shipping to across the sea American states and territores like Huwai, Porto Rico, Guam, Samoan Islands, and parts of Alaska. Let our representatives know where you want your vehicle to be shipped and they will see when, and how, the desired shipping can be achieved.


Boat shipping

Boat shipping is also very common for adventurers, sea lovers and professionals in the United States. Good for you as Quickship has got you covered with your boat shipping needs as well. Get in touch with our representatives and they’ll let you know when and how they can arrange a dispatch for you.


Heavy duty machinery shipping

Shipping heavy duty machinery has also become one of Quickship’s most demanded service as various businesses have availed our service and loved it. Whether you are shipping your crane, road roller, assembly line, or huge generators, get on call with our representative and they will arrange the right carrier for your need.


Fleet shipping

For auto dealerships, our fleet shipping service makes sure all their vehicles are received from factories and delivered to their dealerships. This service can be used one time or availed regularly. Not always do dealerships require shipping dozens of cars in one go, sometimes it can be one or two cars depending on the brand and demand.

Quickship’s Fleet shipping service can meet all kinds of needs for auto dealerships, and other professionals in the industry. Get in touch with our representatives and let them know what your auto shipping needs are and we will probably have the best offer for your business.


Bike and Quad bike shipping

Adventurers and tourers traveling in groups often need their bikes and quad bikes shipped to different parts of the United States. Quickship has helped different bike touring communities across the country in their endeavors.

At Quickship we pay special attention to such adventurers and their communities achieving their goals because we’ve been there ourselves. Get on a call with our representatives and let us know how we can help you in your plans.


International auto shipping

We’ve also shipped vehicles from the United States to other countries and continents including Canada, Europe, Central America, Middle East and Africa. Let us know where and when you want your vehicle to be shipped and we will arrange the journey for you.