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Hawaii has become a common travel destination for most Americans, especially Californians. Recently, these tourists have been taking their vehicles with them for more comfort and enjoyment, but also due to the lack of variety of cars in the Hawaiian Islands. Therefore, San Fransisco became the most commonly used port for auto shipping to Hawaii. 

If you’re considering the same but do not know how to do so, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we will take you through the process of shipping your car from San Fransisco to Hawaii. 

Why Ship Your Car to Hawaii?

Before diving into its and bits of Hawaiian auto shipping, let’s discuss why shipping your car to Hawaii is a smart choice. First of all, there are different scenarios where people consider auto shipping to Hawaii. 

1. Touristic purposes:

Wanderlusts and repeat-tourists stay extensively in Hawaii and therefore, they need their own car to drive whenever and wherever they want. A rented car is not always the best option due to lack of variety and comfort. Therefore, bringing your own car can be a great option. 

2. Relocation:

With the growing economy of Hawaii, more and more people are inclined to move there. Most of these movers have their own cars somewhere in the Mainland USA, which they prefer over buying another car. This makes movers the second category of people shipping their car from Mainland USA to Hawaii. 

3. Auto business:

People in the auto business, whether for trading, renting or corporate needs, ship their cars from the Mainland USA to Hawaii. They usually opt for the port of San Fransisco to load their cars onto carrier ships. 

How to ship your car from San Francisco to Hawaii?

Now that you’re aware of the reason why people ship their cars to Hawaii and why you should too, it’s time to walk you through the shipping process as well. 

1. Find the right auto-shipping method for your needs

There are three main auto-shipping methods when shipping from San Francisco:

Door to Door: The car is shipped from one of the customer’s locations to another. The customer does not have to leave their premise at all. 

Port to Port: In this mode of auto shipping, the vehicle is shipped from one port to another, without any road transportation.

Port to door or door to port: This is a hybrid mode of auto shipping where one location is given by the customer and the other is the port on the other side of the land mass.

2. Find the right auto-shipping company

Once you know which auto-shipping method is right for you, it’s time to find the right company that will cater to all your demands. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right company for your needs:

  1. Ensure that the company is registered with the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  2. Prioritize companies that provide the maximum insurance coverage. 
  3. Prioritize reputable companies
  4. Go for companies that provide justifiable quotations

3. Prepare your car for shipping

Now that you’ve selected the right company, and placed your order, prepare your car for the shipping journey. Have it thoroughly cleaned and remove all personal belongings. Take pictures of your car’s condition. 

Also, ensure that you’re given the driver’s contact detail, so you’re prepared for the shipping day. If you’ve chosen port-to-port shipping, take the crew representative’s number. 

4. Hand over your car to the shipping company

On the day of the shipping, ensure that you or your trusted appointee is present at the location. While handing over the car to the carrier’s driver, make him go through the condition of the car thoroughly, and have it mentioned in the Bill of Lading. 

Read the Bill of Lading clearly to avoid any inconveniences later on. 

5. Keep track of the journey

You’ll probably be given an estimated time of journey and arrival. In case of shipping from San Francisco to Hawaii, it will be somewhere around 2-3 weeks. Before the day of the arrival, you can call either the shipping company or the crew member whose phone number you saved. If there’s a delay, you’ll be informed of it as well as the new date and time of arrival. 

6. Receive your car on the other end

The day you’ll be receiving your car, make sure you’re free enough to inspect your car. If you’re satisfied with the condition, congratulations, you’ve had a good auto-shipping experience. You’re free to drive your vehicle in Hawaii, just as you like. 

You can leave your feedback about the experience on Google, and Trustpilot to let others know how it went. 


That’s it. That’s all there is to know about ship your car from San Francisco to Hawaii. We hope everything is as clear to you as a new glass. In case you have a query unanswered, let us know and we would love to answer it for you. 

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