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Shipping a Car from Los Angeles to Hawaii (and Vice-Versa)

Hawaii’s sun-kissed beaches, lush environment, and lively culture attract tourists from all over the world. Having a car available can greatly improve the experience, especially for those who are looking to explore the islands at their own speed or are planning a longer stay. While it’s normal to buy or rent a car when you […]

Ship A Car From California To Hawaii With QuickShip Car Transport

Establishing the process of moving your car across the Pacific from the busy coast of California to the serene paradise of Hawaii is an adventure in and of itself. There are a lot of things to think about when getting ready to ship your car over the huge Pacific Ocean in order to make the […]

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car?

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A long-distance move requires various factors, and when it comes to moving your car, the duration becomes even more essential. While estimations are available, the complexity of car transportation demands a personal consultation with a reliable car shipping company to determine a more specific delivery schedule. The length of time it takes to transport a […]