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Hawaii’s sun-kissed beaches, lush environment, and lively culture attract tourists from all over the world. Having a car available can greatly improve the experience, especially for those who are looking to explore the islands at their own speed or are planning a longer stay. While it’s normal to buy or rent a car when you get to Hawaii, shipping a car from Los Angeles to the Hawaiian Islands is a growing popular choice.

For many travellers, shipping a car is a sensible and easy  substitute due to Los Angeles’ accessibility to Hawaii. There are strong arguments for shipping your car across the Pacific Ocean as compared to buying or renting one locally, even putting convenience aside. The benefits of shipping a vehicle from Los Angeles to Hawaii will be discussed in this article, along with its cost-effectiveness, logistical considerations, and flexibility to allow you to see the islands wherever you feel right.

Selecting Between Shipping a Car to Hawaii or Purchasing Locally

Hawaii has a more expensive cost of living, which includes paying more for cars and petrol. Because of the larger market, buying a car in Los Angeles offers a wider selection and possibly lower prices. Long-term savings could be huge if you decide to export your car from Los Angeles to Hawaii. If you want to make the best choice possible for your situation, you need to take into account things like financing possibilities and fuel efficiency. You can decide whether to ship a car or buy locally in Hawaii by considering a number of aspects, such as variety, cost, or convenience.

Shipping a Car from Los Angeles to Hawaii

To guarantee a simple and smooth operation, shipping a car from Los Angeles to Hawaii requires several important measures. This is a thorough guide on shipping your car across the Pacific:

Image shows that how can we ship a car from los angeles to hawaii

Search for Shipping Companies

Start by looking into trustworthy car shipping companies that specialize in moving cars to Hawaii. Seek out businesses with a track record of successful international shipping and satisfied clients. Get quotations from several businesses so you can evaluate costs and offerings.

Select a Shipping Option

Select the delivery option that best fits your demands and price range. There are two main ways to ship cars to Hawaii: container shipping and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping. While container shipping includes packing your car inside a container for extra protection, roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping involves driving your car onto a specialised container.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

To keep up with requirements, give your vehicle a thorough cleaning before shipping, both inside and out. Take out all of your personal items and aftermarket accessories. Make sure there is less than a quarter of a tank of gas in your car and that it is in good operating order. For insurance purposes, take pictures of any damage that is currently present.

Obtain Necessary Documentation

 Make sure you have the necessary paperwork, including the title, registration, and ownership certificate. The Hawaiian Department of Agriculture may also need you to get an import permission for vehicles. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation in order by working with the shipping company of your choice.

Schedule Pickup

After deciding on a shipping provider, arrange for your car to be picked up on a specific day. Your car will be picked up by a carrier from your Los Angeles location and transported to the port of departure by the company.

Drop-off at Port

 You might have to leave your car at the appropriate Los Angeles port, depending on the shipping option you select. You will personally drive your car onboard the container if you are shipping by RoRo. The shipping company will load your car into the container if you choose container shipment.

Monitoring and Transportation

Maintain contact with the shipping firm to follow your car’s journey. They will give updates on the journey, along with an approximation of when they should arrive in Hawaii.

Customs Clearance

Your car will go through customs clearance when it arrives in Hawaii. The shipping business will take care of the required documentation and help with the customs process to guarantee an easy arrival into the state.

Car Pickup

 Make arrangements for your car to be picked up from the port in Hawaii after it passes borders. Prepare to submit the necessary paperwork and make any necessary tax or fee payments.

How to Ship a Car from Hawaii to Los Angeles

There are several important measures you must take if you want to ship your car from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Here is a thorough instructions to assist you with the procedure:

Booking and Preparation:

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Drop-off at Port

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Delivery Options

 There are two options available to you once you drop off your vehicle:

How to ship a car from port to door


This option entails having your car delivered to a determined mainland location, usually Los Angeles. The logistics will be managed by the auto transport business, guaranteeing that your car arrives at its destination securely and safely. Make sure someone is there at the delivery location to accept the vehicle.

B. From port to port:

If picking up your car from a mainland port is more your style, you can also choose port-to-port service. It is advised that you choose this option only if you live near one of the mainland ports. Make arrangements for pickup from the specified port by coordinating with the shipping company.

Completion and Documentation

After receiving your car, make sure all records and paperwork are in order. Verify again that the car is in the expected condition and get the transport company to attest to the delivery. There isn’t any more documentation needed to ship a car from Los Angeles to Hawaii. However, extra documentation and steps might be required if you’re exporting from Hawaii to Los Angeles.

Considering the Cost of Shipping a Vehicle to and From Hawaii

The price of shipping a car to or from Hawaii depends on a number of variables that affect the total cost. What you should know is as follows:

shipping from hawaii

Time of Booking:

Depending on when you schedule your transportation, the price of transporting a vehicle to Hawaii may change. Seasonal availability and demand may cause price changes. Sometimes, making reservations in advance leads to cheaper prices.

Trip Distance:

A major factor in figuring out the cost of shipping is the distance between the pickup and delivery sites. Shipping costs are usually greater for longer distances. 

Vehicle Size and Location:

Your car’s size and state can affect how much shipping will cost. Due to their weight and size, larger cars like trucks or SUVs may cost more to ship. Cars that are being transported to Hawaii also need to be able to operate.

Modifications or unique Requirements:

The cost of shipment may be impacted by any changes or unique requirements for your car, such as bigger sizes or modifications. When getting a price from the car shipping business, make sure to go over these details with them.

Extra laws and Regulations:

There can be extra guidelines and laws specific to shipping when moving a car from Hawaii to a place like San Diego. Planning your cargo should take these aspects into account as they have the potential to affect the final cost.

extra laws and regulation to ship a car


In conclusion, there are a number of processes and factors to take into account while shipping an automobile to and from Hawaii, all of which have an effect on the process’s total cost and ease. Whether you’re shipping your car from Los Angeles to Hawaii or the other way around, it’s important to consider things like the date and time of your reservation, the distance travelled, the size and condition of your car, any modifications, and any additional rules. Even while shipping a car can be flexible and convenient, particularly for people who are looking to export a specific type of vehicle or are planning an extended stay, it’s important to weigh the costs and choices to ensure you get the best deal possible. You may ship an automobile to or from Hawaii with confidence and easily if you know the procedure and the variables that affect the price.

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